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Acrylic on canvas.
Done for Urban Space Market.
Wien 2014.
i found ghosts from the past.

YAKUZA crew reunion 2015 at Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Amok, Rasel, Wake, Spike, Risk, Winte / 12os.

TelAviv beach, Vienna.

Calle Libre Exhibition at AKADEMIE DER BILD. KÜNSTE,Vienna.
Curated by Jakob Kattner and Laura Schuetzeneder.

down with the amazing Akuma from Brazil.
Calle Libre Street Art festival // Schloss Ottensheim, Austria.

With my dear friend Zamie in Vienna.

Salztobrucke, Donaukanal, Wien 2014

Acrylic and markers on wrapping paper. Vienna 2014.

With ladyV at Roßauer Lände, Wien, Austria



12ος Πίθηκος, for the album "12".

with Merlin and Dimitris Tsarouhas.

with amok and rasel.
yakuza crew @ Thessaloniki.

Descent Group Exhibition @ Stigma Lab.
Athens 2011.

Interior painting for Face of Fashion at N.Plagia, Halkidiki, Greece.
Thanks to Dimitris Tsakiliotis.

@ "We Dit It" studio, Thessaloniki.